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The Future of Creative Education

An innovative digital tool for music education with which even those who don’t know music can create and change great songs.

Intuitive music editor for beginners

A touchscreen musical interface

Editable templates of popular songs

Automatic rhythm and harmony evaluation

Educational plans for teachers

Tune up your creative education

Kids stay engaged in class

We’ve created an easy interactive tool that students love to use.

Readymade lessons

Readymade digital curriculum created in collaboration with PAEDF Charles University.

Learn the basics of rhythm

Melodize is an easy way for kids to learn the basics of rhythm and melody.

Digitize creative education

The easiest way to digitize creative education. 


Melodize is accessible both on Android and iOS phones and tablets.



Intuitive interface for teachers and students as well. 

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Build 2023 by IDEACT


Milano Design Week 2023 co-financed by